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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Its not a good bye, right? Just a see you later post...

No I'm not quitting blogging... I just got myself a domain name for my blog and there's anew design and stuff, and erm... using movable type instead of blogspot... and I'm actually happy (and thats an understatement!) about this little change.
Anyway, just click the link bellow and you'll be taken to the new blog. You'll have to bear with me as its still under going a few changes but its taking shape.

Heaven's on Fire

Oh, and while you're at it... feel free to leave ur comments as all my older comments have been deleted ..... booooohhhh !!!
To those concerned, I'll be adding your links to my blogroll soon... *winks* ....

  SP4C3 G1RL

  Siko's Place of Rock


  Chris Dale

  Reuben "Roo" Gotto






  Sack Trick

  Chez Sack Trick

  Chris Dale

  Alex Dickson

  Doogie White

  Sack Trick Forum

  KISS< a href="http://nando.myacen.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=98"> Forum

  KISS Maniacs

  Melodic Rock Forum

  Peel Muzik

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