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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Bloody spamers

What's wrong with those idiots? Do I really look like I need Viagra, penis extension or a loan? Without mentioning that person who keeps sending me emails saying that my glory day has come and if I don't check her stuff I'll miss out on the biggest opportunity to improve my life... yeah whatever... just fucking keep away from my inbox, you bunch of pathetic wankers. Sorry, I know I'm being rude... but I've had up to here (*hand above the head*) with this stupid spam. Don't they have anything clever to do, instead of disturbing people's peace of mind. Now... will that little fucker sending me porn spam stop messing with my mood... or you'll have my lawyer chasing you. Well, I don't really have a lawyer, but that sounded very 'business-woman' ... and, erm, I'm not a business woman either, nor can I afford a lawyer... but I still can send my friend, built like a bull after you ... ok, ok, I don't have that kind of friend either... but I'm a woman with sharp nails and pointy teeth... and you know what a woman's like when she starts fighting, right? You don't? Uh humm... me neither... I was just trying to impress you. But I disgress... just keep away from my fucking inbox or I'll be the one chasing you.

Anyway, on to another matter... I've got a date tonight. Yeah, you read well. No, no need to go check if you're having sight problems... I HAVE A DATE ... full stop. Now, don't get over excited... and stop chanting 'Kay's got a daa-ate' 'Kay's got a daa-ate'... but let's get things straight here. I'm not planing on having any kind of relationship at all with this guy, and this for several (good and genuine) reasons. First, I'm already in love with someone. I know I said I was trying to forget about it, blah, blah... thing is, it's turning out to be very difficult for me. Second, I'm planing to move to the UK anytime soon. Where's the point in starting a relationship here if I genuinely know it won't last. And third, he's got a kid already. Yeah well, that's a bad reason I know... but if I have to get with someone I'd rather he didn't have any if you see what I mean. So yeah, I'm going out with him tonight but don't get your hopes too high... just a few drinks and off I go. At least I'll have a new friend... hopefully!

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