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Friday, April 01, 2005

April Fool's Day...

... and as usual I've been tricked. I should be getting used to it after all theses years, but noo... seems like I haven't learnt my lesson well this year either!
So arrived at the office this morning to find a World War scenary right before my eyes... bits of paper everywhere, oily fingerprints all over my desk and computer, drawers and safe open... needless to say that I was about to have a panic attack just thinking about the stolen money and the Loony Boss' angry face. So I grabbed my courage and called him with my sweetest voice...

Me: "Erm, Nic? Could you come over for a minute?"
Loud rambling at the end of the line...
LB: "Yeah... wha.... *sudden interruption when he sees my office* ... what the fuck happened here?"
Me: "Well, I was about to ask you... you're the one who usually makes a mess in here"
LB: "But I didn't even come here this morning, I've just arrived from a meeting..."

Now I really was having a panic attack... I must have gone blank as he started laughing his head off...

LB: *Lunatic laughter* ... "April Fool's Dayyy..." he said, still giggling like a child "that was too easy" ... *more giggling*
Me: *feeling my anger rise* ... "Not funny... not funny at all. I doubt you'd have laughed if all the money had vanished" ...
LB: *leaving the office and still giggling* ... "THAT was wayyy too easy..."

What an idiot... I swear I've used all my swear word extended vocabulary. Serves him right! *rants* ... if that wasn't enough, a guy tried to pay his bill with monopoly notes, I've had like a thousand prank calls, who I later found out where made by no other than Nic's cousin, someone called me saying I'd won a round-the-world trip for 2 persons (well, I did enter a competion for that!)... yeah, you guessed right, of course I didn't win that... another trick from one of our best clients. Thank you guys... didn't I tell you I loved being disappointed? Pwaa.... what's with all those people? Haven't they got something clever to do instead of wasting my time? *more ranting* ... I swear I won't let this happen next year!

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