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Thursday, March 31, 2005

You know what?

I am feeling soo much better since my last post. No really, I do! Let's say that sometimes it feels good to let go, you know... so I did, and here I am back on track. Thank you all for the sweet comments on my last post, they truly cheered me up. It's great to know that, actually, some people do read my ramblings... makes me feel less alone in this big big place. So thank you again, I do appreciate it (waw, now, I'm speaking like an adult... woohoo!).
Anyway... I've taken an important decision for my future. I decided I'd take the bull by its horns (damn, I'm feeling really grown-up now with this adult talking... )... and move my ass up north... So next on my to-do list is:
  1. Update my CV
  2. Write an outstanding cover letter
  3. Apply for different jobs, that I'll actually like... uh hum!
  4. Get the said job
  5. Negociate salary (yeah well, who do you think is going to pay the bills, huh?)
  6. Pack my stuff in 100 boxes, no more no less....
  7. Book a single flight ticket
  8. Panic about starting a new life in an unknown city
  9. Relax when remembering that close friend's there to help just in case.....
  10. Say good-bye to family and shed a few tears... just so it looks like the good-byes in movies...
  11. Panic again while boarding the plane
  12. Get settled in Dublin
  13. Forget I'm heart-broken and get myself some special glue to have it mended
  14. Drink, smoke and be sick
  15. Be Happy at last!

Now, I know that's a very long list but, who knows, I might manage to stick to it and achieve my goals.

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