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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Women's Day

Waww... what a truly amazing day! Not that it is any different from any other day, but still... it's MY day! How great can this be? A whole nation thinking about women, our goals, our dreams, our achievements over the years. A day we won't be considered as a simple tapestry. Because we have RIGHTS, just like any other human being. Because we are entitled to the same privileges that men are. Why would that be different? Let me answer this question. Simply because, over the centuries, men have taken women for granted, they behaved like bloody machists, and considered them as pure artefacts. That's true. You don't agree... well, let's talk about the right to vote, okay? Did you know that French women only got the right to vote on 29th April 1945? They've been the last women in the Occidental World to be allowed to do so... at the beginning of Democracy, only men could vote. Because women, servants and poor people were considered as domestically dependant, they could not show a free will. But why were they dependant according to you? Basically because, once again, they had absolutely NO RIGHTS at all. Women traditionally had been regarded as inferior to men physically and intellectually. Both law and theology had ordered their subjection. Women could not possess property in their own names, engage in business, or control the disposal of their children or even of their own persons.
Things have changed over the years but unfortunately we are still way behind men's rights. For the same job, same position, a man will be paid twice as much as a woman. Why?
In many Eastern countries, women don't even have the right to education. Women still suffer from arranged marriages, still suffer from humiliation because men are still to stupid to realise that we were all born equals. I doubt that this will ever change.
Yeah, call me a feminist if you wish. I'm proud to be!!!

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