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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Waterproof Disaster

So, what's with this new generation of waterproof make-up? Do they think that someone actually bathes with full make up on or what? Well, okae it comes in handy when it's raining outside and you need to rush straight to the meeting room with no Ladies stop, it's also okae if you're planning to cry. The problem is that, one I never rush to a meeting in the morning simply because we never have meetings at the office. Well, we do but that consists in me seating at my desk, listenning to rock music on my computer, drinking a coffee and smoking a ciggie... so much for the official stuff, right? And second, I never cry. No, that's true, I never cry in public, which means that I need to be at my place, hidden somewhere I am sure I can't be found and with no make up on. So where's the point in doing all this waterproof stuff?
Oh sorry, you might be wondering why, out of the blue I am speaking about that?!? Well, it's basically because I've got that waterproof mascara, that whatever I do, I don't seem to be able to remove without washing my face a hundred times, and applying all sorts of make up remover, and still, you wouldn't like to see me like that in the street, or you'd believe Iam the living female version of "The Crow". I still could go out like that but I guess people would think I am a complete freak, which obviously I am not. Then again, I don't really like being like anyone else, that's so boring. Anyway, for you girls out there, can anyone give me a secret method to get rid of this bloody thing on my eyes? Pleeease......

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