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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Beautiful London

I'm finally back from London. It was great, as usual, and I honestly wish I'd stayed there longer... It's always the same anyway. Every time I go to London I don't want to come back home. It's frustrating and upsetting. I swear, one of these days I'll just decide I don't want to come back and will stay there. Well, probably not... but I've been thinking about it constantly.
But I did enjoy myself a lot; spending most of my time either sleeping, shopping or getting drunk. The hotel was just amazing, there was a jaccuzzi and swimming pool, a huge bar, nice restaurants... and my room was great, so I can't really complain about anything, can I? No wait... I can actually! Allie and I were supposed to go see Al play live at the Sound on Leicester Square when arriving on wednesday. And guess what? That's right... the gig was bloody cancelled at the very last minute. I was so pissed of. I really was enjoying the idea of seeing Alex again as we hadn't seen him in ages. Allie was really upset and I tried my best to cheer her up. I supposed it wasn't much use... I'm just that crap at finding the right words to cheer up someone. She's still upset now, and hasn't been sleeping or eating properly for a few days. So I got her choccies... it's supposed to make you feel better. I hope it did!
On friday night we went to see Labrat live. What can I say?!? It sure is heavy stuff. I wanted to check them out as Reuben kindly suggested and, well, at least now I know I'm not into that kind of stuff. They had great music but the singing sounded more like screaming than anything else. But that was nice seeing Roo, Dave and Robin again. The following day we met Mark and went to a local pub on Stand-on-the green. That was a really nice place... met some great locals and exchanged phones and emails to keep in touch in the future.
And then on sunday we were back to our snowy home. Yes, it was snowing again. And it's snowing today again. Did I mention I hated snow? Well, now you know. It looks beautiful when it's all white but once it starts melting..... eww, that is disgusting. Your clothes are all filthy, you're cold, your hair gets all frizzy... pwaaa!!! And, above all this, you spend most of your time slipping because of all the ice patches on the floor. You got to be careful all the time, and walk as if you were walking on eggs... and even so, you manage to find yourself with your butt on the floor. I've watched the weather broadcast this morning and they were announcing a snow storm for later today and tomorrow... right, how great! Seems like I'm going to spend some time cleaning the floor with my new pair of jeans (understand: spending my time with my ass on the floor... yeah, well, I'm just THAT clumsy!!!)

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