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Monday, February 21, 2005

Up north...

Hey, I'm back... sorry, it took me quite a while to update this. But I've got a very good excuse. I was freezing my butt up north... Now, don't ask me what I think of Holland... I said, don't ask! Okay, Holland's fine... I guess. For what I've seen. Well, actually I can't even answer this question properly given the fact that I only spend 3 days there and didn''t have the time to visit. But here's what I can say about this country:

  • People are extremely friendly over there. No honest, they really are!
  • You wouldn't believe the number of bikes they have there. When getting out of our taxi in the morning, the driver said "Now, if you go past the car park, you'll easily find the train station's main entrance".... "Right" we said, "Thank you". And there we went... but we didn't find any car park. Instead there was what looked like a bike park with hundreds of bikes everywhere. I swear I've never seen so many bikes in my whole life. I was amazed...... you could see we were foreigners. Why? Because we were the only fools walking !!!
  • Their language hurts my ears. I don't have anything against Dutch or German but honestly, I feel like they are shouting at me, when what they're really saying is "have a nice day". Oh well... but they're nice all the same. And their cheese is YUMMY! Not as yummy as our French cheese but still good in their Dutch way.
  • They've got the longest street name's ever... "Laan van meerdervoort"....... now, how's one supposed to pronounce that?!? I personally can't. I did try though, but no-one seemed to understand me... and I ended up feeling like an idiot!
  • If you want to visit Holland, do so.... but follow my advice.... just don't stay in a village right in the middle of nowhere. Because it REALLY IS in the middle of nowhere, the centrum 'city center' is miles away, it's got 1 snack bar, 2 shops and 1 pub... no wait, there was a school too! And bikes, everywhere. So many that I'm still dreaming about them... crazy!

Anyway, it was a nice trip, although I wish I'd been there for the another reason...

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