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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

That's the same problem every single year...

... every particular day, at a specific hour. I try the best I can to ignore it, you know, just to pretend this is not happening. It can't happen to me, can it? I'm one of the kind that can avoid stuff like that. But let's face the truth here... it always fails! No, honest, IT DOES!!! It's like the more I ignore it, the more people remind me of it. People should know by now that I hate being told that, but still they keep doing it. I think people are being sadic here. Pwarr...
Again, today IS that particular day and I've already be reminded about that 3 times this morning. It doesn't even happen until 15.15 this afternoon, but I suppose these little sadic people are enjoying irritating me. Oh dear, dear, dear !!! What a day...
Am I supposed to just accept things as they are? Accept the fact that, once again, I turn a bloody YEAR OLDER? Nahh, it can't be true... I don't want it to be true. I want to be 25 all my life. Just imagine how traumatised I was this morning when I realised what day it was... I'm in shock! I'm still in shock right now... now, it's hard to type with the hands of a 26 year old lady. Now that I'm ooooold, there are many things I'll have to give up... like behaving like a 20 year old or pretend I'm still young. Because that's all a lie. Yes it is. Of course it is. Now I am more than a quarter of a century. Let's face it, soon I'll find yet another wrinkle on my forehead, I'll start forgetting my name and my relative's one... oh no, that's so upsetting thinking about it.
So I've taken an important decision... I'll remain 25 all my life. I might even start believing in it myself... who knows what the mind can do ?!? Pwarrr.... Damn Birthdays !!!

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