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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

All is whii--iite, all is brii--ight...

... lalalalalala! Ooops, please excuse my sillinest, I got a bit carried away here.
This morning I woke up to find a beautiful scenary in front of my house. Snow everywhere. That's gorgeous... it makes your day less gloomy! So I was drinking my coffee with mom this morning, looking thru the window with exagerated "wooo's, aaaaaahhhhh's, wawwww's...", when I suddenly realized that because of all this snow my eurostar might be delayed. Surely it's going to stop, I thought. It still didn't. Besides, there are no buses so I had to WALK to the office (3 kms) , with a massive bag, under heavy snow........ bloody day! The only good piece of news today is that the eurostar traffic is normal. Now... THAT makes me feel better!
You'll excuse me if I changed my mind, but snow sucks.... it really does!
Anyway, my beautifuls, I'm off to London. Have a nice week-end, and think of me while I am relaxing in a fantastic jaccuzzi! *mwa* *mwa*

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