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Friday, January 14, 2005

Re:Re: Joe

As I told you in a previous post, Joe was in Paris to meet me on wednesday. That was great to see him again. I had almost forgotten how much we got along and had fun together. He's a great chap. Spend a nice time drinking tequila shots, beers and baileys...... and damn, I had forgotten how chatty this guy was... it's just that he NEVER shuts up. At 4.00 am we were still chatting... same at 6.00 am... and I got up at 7-ish, wish means I had just 1 hour sleep. Yes you read well... ONE BLOODY HOUR SLEEP... O-N-E !!! Oh boy I was behaving like a real zombie back at the office. I just sat there, in front of my computer, yawning a billion times, looking at the clock to count how many hours of work I still had left before going home. And ... *SURPRISE*... time seemed to stop. How weird. No, really it did. It's like I looked at the time and it was 2, right? Then I looked again about an hour later and it was.... 2.05! No I'm not kidding. I told you time had stopped just to annoy me! It was as if the clock had a life of its own and was trying its hardest to make my day unbearable. F*ck, how I hate clocks.

Now, I've got this strange thing happening in my life. It's a bit complicated but I'll try to explain...
There's my friend A, who recently told me that my friend B forbid him to date me, shag me, kiss me, or anything "relationship" related. The problem is friend B has a bloody girlfriend. So how come HE can stay with his bloody hypocrite and haughty girlfriend, and I can't date anyone? Huh.... can anyone tell me?!? The worse is that he keeps being a sweetie to me, hugging, kissing.... he grabs my hand for no reason whatsoever and just caresses it... and those eyes. He's got the sweetest look on his face everytime he looks at me. It's slightly disturbing but highly appreciated. It's just that I'm so not used to that kind of behaviour. I don't know if he likes me or not... and that's an annoying situation really. What do you guys reckon I should do?

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