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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Re: Joe... and some random stuff !

I was telling you the other day about meeting Joe in Paris. I didn't really know whether I wanted to go see him or not... but well, he's coming from London just to see me so I couldn't really refuse to meet him, right? So I'm seeing him tonight... should be fun (well, I hope...).
Then he'll be on his way back to London again as he's gonna start touring with The Darkness soon. I don't even know when I'm going to see him again. Damn, how I hate to be stuck in this bloody city !!!

Anyway, on to another matter. So I've got my brand new DVD burner, right? I was all happy when I finally got it the other day because that means I'll finally be able to copy all my mini DVs into DVDs. So I've started editing the gig, adding texts, menus, blah, blah blah... and then I burnt it into a DVD-R. You should have seen me behaving like a child with my new toy. That was fun... until I tried to view my DVD and my DVD player didn't recognise it (neither did my PC). Now, what's wrong with this bloody machine? I know it isn't a problem with my burner because I've copied lots of audio CDs last week, so I was wondering... "perhaps it's a burning speed issue?", but I don't seem to be able to change it. Damn technology!!!
No need to tell you I'm highly disapointed with 'Nero 6 Relaoded' .... Boooo !!!

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