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Monday, January 10, 2005

Queen of Scary dreams

Now, let me ask you something... I know everyone makes bad dreams once in a while but how scared have you been by yours? Do you often have nightmares that leave you shacking under your duvet unable to go back to sleep for hours? I do... unfortunately I'm one of those unlucky persons. But if you still don't believe me here are a few examples of my scariest nightmares:
  • This one happened a few years ago: my mom was being mad at me because I hadn't cleaned my room. I was trying to explain her the reasons why I hadn't told her when suddenly she grabbed my arm and led me to the river where she tried to drown me. The weirdest thing was that the river wasn't water but that sort of stuff you use to do the cleaning..... ewww!
  • This one happened the night after: I was in a park waiting for a bunch of friends when a HUGE (note the use of "huge".... )snake attacked me. You know what an anaconda is? Right... that's what it was. It was trying to choke me. Then came a huge spider with hairy legs (the kind you see in movies and always kills someone) that bit me and entered my mouth... and last but not least, the biggest dog I had ever seen in my life, came to me and bit my leg. Now, if there's something you really need to know is that these 3 beasts scare me to death, even in real life... my biggest phobia!
  • The day after that I dreamt I was being run over by a massive truck and that there was nothing left of me after that.
  • I often dream I fall in a hole full of poisonous snakes and spiders.
  • This one, not that scary but annoying: I aften dream I'm losing all my teeth. Everytime I wake up I keep checking it's still there. I even try to pull one just to make sure it's firmly hold.
  • This one happened 2 days ago: I don't know where I was but in my dream I woke up in a coffin whith loads of people around me crying. So I was like "What? What's happening in here"... and then Chris Dale (yeah, that's weird too... ) said "You can't be speaking. You're DEAD!". "No I'm not. I was just sleeping". "Bloody hell, he said, she's a zombie.... " - then he started screaming and running everywhere. Now, this one scared the shit out of me. I was shaking so hard that I couldn't go back to sleep for hours. The worse was that I could smell death... it was horrible. I was tempted to go wake up my sister to hold me company, but well...

So, what about you guys? Now I'm very curious...

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