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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

French people

How I hate french people, you wouldn't imagine... they are stupid, egoistic and self-centered. I just can't stand them anymore. Now, I know I'm french myself, but I feel like I don't belong here at all. Damn, I can't wait to move back to London.
Was there last week-end. It was quite a short stay but I enjoyed myself so much. The Sack Trick gig at the Barfly was absolutely awesome. The guys were great on stage as usual, and the crowd... wawww!!! Chris' been a real babe and it was a real pleasure to speak with him after all this time. He really is the sweetest guy on Earth. Benny and Robin rocked hard. And what a duet... I'm still wondering how the hell Mr Guy does that trick with his sticks !?!? Roo was amazing too but to be honest I really miss seeing Alex playing. He's my wee guitar genius... It was a delight seeing Dave behind his keyboard. And Chris was perfect... I wish I could play bass just like him.
Allie and I stayed a bit for the party afterwards but left before midnight this time because we had a train to catch early morning. Yeah well... I had promised my boss I'd be at the office before 1.00 pm, so... Next time I'll make sure I take the whole day off, that'll be wiser!
Anyway, back to what I was saying about french people... the reason why I dislike them so much. Thing is I don't even have a proper argument for that. I just think they are rude and stupid. When I arrived back in Paris after my week end, I realized how stressful they are... they keep pushing you from one side to the other, they would even walk over your body if they had the possibility. Wankers! Sometimes I really am ashamed of being french.
Paris, the City of Love... Bollocks! You would think french people are romantic? Wrong, wrong and wrong. They are just a bunch of macho men. That's what they truely are.

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