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Monday, November 15, 2004

Worried ...

I just found out that tiny Alex cut his finger during the week end ...

"Hey. A strange weekend. Alex our guitarist nearly cut his
finger off in a bizarre cooking incident. As the tour hung in the balance and
our friend Ben from 'Ben and the pimps' fame stood in the sidelines and tried to
sober up enough to remember the riff of 'Truth hurts' ... Alex, as of 9 o'clock
this morning declared himself fit (kinda?) and with the help of licker and super
glue should be all right Hope to meet some of ya'll at the gig's and we hope you
enjoy the shows. The tour bus picks me up in about half an hour. Lunch, a cheese
sandwich from a service station, soundtrack, anything and everything by the
Lemonheads or the sound of Alex crying in pain and mood ... ' Elated '

Oh dear, I really hope there's nothing serious. Mr Dickson should seriously start thinking about insuring his hands... damn, now I'm all worried.

Argh... I'm gonna drop him a line just to make sure he's doing fine!

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