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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Gmail Invitations - Part 2

Good news n°1... after surfing the net and posting 100 times in different forums, I finally got my Gmail invitation. How cool's that? But instead of getting just one I got 3 of them. Awww... people are nice sometimes!

Good news n°2... Wayne the singer from The Honeymoon has just invited us both to the Ipswich gig on the 27th November. Now, it's very nice of him but I've got a Sack Trick gig on that day too. What to do? I reckon I still can see the ST lads on the 19th december at the barfly gig... I guess I'm just going to wait a few days and see how things go!

Good news n°3... I finally talked my boss into getting an internet connection at the office... * hurray* ... giving the crap excuse that an email address would be very convinient for the clients. (as if...)

Bad news n° 25896... Still no Sheep album in my mailbox today ... .

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