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Friday, November 26, 2004


Yayyyy... I can't believe the Sack Trick gig's already tomorrow. Unbelievable how time flies by. Scary aswell, huh? At this pace I'll wake up one morning realising I'm already 50 ....
Anyway, so the gig's tomorrow night in London... my plane's at 12.20. Considering the time in London's 1 hours behind, that means I'll be there at around 12.50 ( ) , which leaves me enough time to get to the hotel, do some shopping (well, I absolutely need a new top...), drink a few beers, get ready and relax a bit ... uh hum, as if !!!
Then there we'll go to the venue... yayyy... that's going to be one hell of a night!
In the menu:

  • Well... a Sack Trick gig, obviously !!!
  • Blue Ice Cream cocktails... don't ask what the ingredients are... I have abs. no clue at all.
  • Choccie Vodka ( )
  • A Sack Trick Army Reunion.....

Sounds great, huh? I do agree.... besides, Mister Dale has just agreed to let anyone who wishes to, sing "Shout it out loud" on stage with 'em. Now, it all sounds good, right? Thing is I usually get stage fright... I'm worried I get on stage with all the others and all you can hear coming out of my very nervous mouth is a mouse noise... that'll be embarrassing! But again, I could just pretend I am singing along and move my lips in rythm... not sure that'd work though! But well, I suppose that given the state I'll be in (which is VERY drunk...) I'll surely do it. That"ll be fun in any case. Can you imagine it... ME, singing on a stage with the mighty Sack Trick guys... wawwww !!! I'm all excited now.

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