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Monday, November 29, 2004

Crazy trip

[listening to: Where we're goin' now - Damn Yankees - Power Ballads I (04:40)]

Just came back from London, where I got to see Sack Trick live at the Peel. That was great, althought completely crazy and unexpected. But let me start from the beginning and you'll understand in which mess we got ourselves into...

Saturday 27th:
2.00 am... Too excited to get to bed. Can't seem to find my sleep and spend more than an hour staring at the ceiling. As usually I waited for the very last minute to pack my bag which makes it even more frustrating.
6.30 am... time to get up. I feel tired and wish I could sleep a bit more, but I gotta rush to the bathroom before everybody wakes up. I'm feeling all stressed out... did I forget anything?!? Too late for that now...
12.15... The hostess at the airport just announced that there'd be a 15 mn delay on our flight. Damn it. Everytime we travel by plane it always gets delayed. I'm honestly going to start thinking that they're doing it on purpose. Last time I took a plane I swore I wouldn't do that anymore (and I obviously didn't stick to my promise...). It was about 2 years ago and Allie and I went to see Vex Red live in London. We should have arrived there at around 6.30 pm but because a bunch of Japanese tourists got lost in the airport (now, that's clever), we got a 1 hr delay on our flight. Damn, I hate it when they do that.
12.45... Finally inside that bloody plane. I am somehow a bit worried. I've never been scared when flying, but recently I started to feel anxious about it. Weird, I know. But with all these plane crashes, you can never know, right? The take off was actually alright but after 30 mns I noticed something odd with the wing. No it wasn't burning (It's not a movie...) but a piece of metal was moving in a very bizarre way. No honest, I'm not kidding. It didn't look very solid. I told Allie who simply asked me to shut up or we'll end up being very unlucky. I tried to explain my point of view but she wouldn't listen to me... "Just stop looking then. You scarying yourself even more", she said ... right, I eventually shut up.
14.00... We finally arrive at the hotel to check in. You wouldn't believe our surprise when the guy told us one of our friends had arrived. Apparently Simon had arrived early morning and wanted to make a surprised. Well, he managed to. That was nice to see him after that long. Still the same cheeky guy, really!
We finally go up to our room to get rid of our stuff. At this point I must tell you that my feet were hurting like hell. I know... all my fault, nobody asked me to wear these high-heeled boots. Still I'm in pain, but not time to complain. We're on our way to see Simon, then head to the Mall to find a new top for the evening. We didn't find anything nice so we just head back to the hotel, making an halt at the local Sainsbury to get some beers.
5.00... "Are you almost done, girls"... Simon asks. Yeah, alright... it took us a while to get really, but we're girls... so all forgotten. Grab the 65 bus to Kingston. Everyone's all excited. But you should have seen Si... he was smiling like a child and had that little spark in his eyes. You surely could tell he was happy.
6.00... There we are in Kingston. A pretty long ride, he?!? Allie called Jon at the Peel to ask for directions from the bus station. "Oh that's pretty close. Once you get out of the bus n°65, you catch
n°131 and it's about 3 mns from there"... great, doesn't look far, right? So to save up on tickets we decide we'll walk. After all if it's a 3 mns ride, it's pretty close, right?... well, it wasn't. We walked for what seemed like hours (okae, that was 20 mns), with sore feet (in my case anyway) and complaining about the distance. But we finally got there. God, how relieved I felt. We went for a few pints then headed to the nearest Kebab to grab something to eat. Sat down outside the venue, "enjoying" our meal. Thing is my fries happened to be cold, grease and tasteless... so I just threw 'em away and spent the evening with an empty stomach. Chris came and said 'Hi', which was nice.
It was getting cold so we decided to go back inside and enjoy a few pints, along with a game of pool (which Allie and I won, given the fact that Simon and Roo cheated). Our good friend Steve was there too, that was a brilliant surprise. It's unbelievable how protective of us he is. He's actually worse than my own father. We've had some great laughs in any case and I did enjoy his company.
Everything got worse when a moment later a migraine started to kick in. Unlucky you'll say... that's so damn right. I thought I would be alright and that it would go away, but instead it just kicked in even harder. I felt like my brain was about to explode and after about an hour I couldn't bear the pain anymore so I grabbed a couple of pain killers and went water seaking. I shouldn't have taken 'em 'cuz after 30 mns I started to feel really bad, just as if I was druged. I know, I haven't been clever but the pain was so strong and I couldn't bear it anymore. It didn't even relieve the pain... I just felt weird. I honestly believed I was going to pass out.
The gig in itself was really great, except for that little mic problem. But I was a bit disappointed not to hear more tracks from the "Sheep" album. Chris was an excellent entertainer, as usually. Roo rocked hard. Dave turned out to be an absolute angel and Robin... oh dear, one hell of a sexy guy that night. He sang "Beth" wearing a g-string... and boy, he has a gorgeous butt! Yes I stared... so what? You don't see good things like this everyday, besides, I'm sure you'd have done just the same. We shot the whole gig and I was happy to find out the video came out pretty well. Now, I just need to get myself a DVD burner, so I can get all my videos on DVD and edit it as I wish.

Sunday 28th
1.00 am... there we go back to the hotel. Simon suggested we took a cab but as we walked to find one he changed his mind. Yeah, I was gutted... my feet were killing me, my head was about to explode and I thought I was going to pass out anytime. We eventually talked him into taking one and managed to get to the hotel in one piece.
11.00 am... time to check out. We decide to leave our bags at the hotel so we can go eat a burger. That's when troubles started.
First, we had to wait 30 mns to get a bloody bus. Now, it might sound unimportant for you but my feet were killing me (yes, even after a good night sleep !!!). I was feeling so exhausted that Allie and I decided to head straight to the airport and rest in the lobby. So after saying our good-byes to Simon we made our way to Heathrow. More waiting....
We finally can check-in and go to the boarding area. But not before going through the scan machines. This bloody idiot made me take off my boots, my belt, my coat... I this pace I really thought I was going to end up naked. Honestly, do I look like a terrorist? As if I could hide a bomb in my boots... wankers!
17.25... Third trouble... the plane's supposed to be leaving any moment, but we're still stuck in that bloody lounge as the plane's just been delayed. GREAT! I just knew it would happen.
18.25... We're finally allowed inside the plane and manage to take off. The flight's even scarier than the first one with lots of turbulences, but I don't care. I'm so mentally tired that I just ignore it. The plane's about to crash?... so what? Everyone dies one day or another.
20.30... we finally land in Paris. Allie and I hurry up to catch the train back home, listenning to "The Elder" in our headphones all the way. The journey's just fine until I realise I don't have my hand bag with me anymore. Oh no it hadn't been stolen... that was my entiere fault actually. I forgot it on my seat back at the airport. I never felt so stupid in my whole life. I'm happy I didn't have anything important with me. Well, I did have £40 and my credit card but as soon as I got home I called the bank.
22.15... there we are at the bus station waiting for the bus back home. We'd been waiting for like 15 mns when we realized there were no buses after 20.30. Grrrrreat... there we were 10 kms away from home with no buses, no phone (dead battery) and completely exhausted (and in my case, a bag of nerves!!!). We finally decide to take the train again and step out at another station where we knew we'd get another bus. Arriving at the next bus station we find out there are no buses on sunday.
Damn, damn, damn... at this point I honestly thought I was gonna start crying.
Finally managed to grab another bus that took us to yet another town, from where we grabbed a bus to get back home.
23.20... FINALLY home, completely exhausted, almost unable to walk (yeah, blame it on the boots) and all nervous. It took us more than 6 hrs to go home, facing trouble after trouble (it wasn't my day, really)... and what was my family doing in the mean time? Watching bloody 'Titanic' on TV. Now, life's really unfair sometimes...

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