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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Dangerous Minds

[Listening to: Shout It Out Loud - Sack Trick - Sheep In KISS Make-Up (03:03)]

"Hands up, this is a hold-up" ... that's what happened yesterday morning at the bank. Luckily I've been lazy enough to stay in bed or else I'd have my face stuck to the floor, hands behind my head. Scary, isn't it? People are crazy, they'd do anything for money. Dad was all excited when he came back home after the bank. "You'll never guess what happened at the bank just a few minutes before I arrived...", he said. Damn it, I thought... I really don't like playing guessing games when I wake up. But he didn't really leave time for me to think about anything. He was already blah-blahing about the incident. I'm sure deep inside he wished he'd been there. Knowing him, eh ( ) !!! Well, at least now he's got some exciting stories to tell for a few weeks...
I personnally don't know how I would have behaved in that situation. I mean, I am a rebel at heart but I cherish my little boring life, so well... I guess for once in my life I would have shut my big mouth and behave! I hope none of my relatives' going to read this or they're gonna get themselves a gun just to keep me quiet... eh eh eh !

Excellent news... The "Sheep in KISS Make-up" by Sack Trick is finally OUT ! I still can't realize, honestly. We've been waiting for that one for ages, everyone kept talking about it so we were all excited. The bad news is that I STILL DID NOT RECEIVE IT !!! 13 days on and still NO Sheep album in my mailbox. The day we were supposed to get it and didn't I was like "oh, that's alright, it's been sent from the UK. Delays are normal for such a distance", but the next day still no package.... "erm, weird, innit? But no worries, it's gonna get here", and the more days passed by, the more frustrated I got... 'damn postmen, what are they doing of their bloody day?" and "surely there MUST be a post strike"..... wrong !!! I still get all my bills........ !!!
Arrff, I wonder when I"m going to get that CD !!! Awwwwwww..... sometimes life really is unfair, isn't it ?!?

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