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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

That's a fact...

[Listening to: High Enough - Damn Yankees - Hard Rock Essentials Disc 2 (04:47)]

Timmy's got fleas. What a pain. Just before we left to Portugal we made sure he had everything he needed not to catch any once there. Well... seems like it didn't work quite alright. I suspect Luna to be the guilty dog in this story. When we got there, my aunt had shaved her fur because she had fleas and apparently she managed to get rid of them. None of us really got worried as we were sure that, with the stuff we put on Timmy's fur, he wouldn't get any. We were wrong. Now the poor thing keeps scrtaching himself to death, and although we keep trying loads of different shampoos and lotions, we don't seem to be able to get rid of them. Damn... according to the vet, it's some kind of superflea we're dealing with. Right... how nice. Argh... I hate those creatures.

Anyway, I've got one question for you. Have you noticed anything wrong with your PC lately, like:

      - it suddenly got real slow
      - you've got pop up ads showing on your screen all the time (unless you have a pop up bloker, but in any case you know how many of them have been bloked)
      - you've noticed some unknown programs in your computer that you didn't even download

If so, well... don't look further my dears... you've got a spyware/adware installed in your hard drive. No luck, uh?!?
That's the new way for some obscure companies to get all the information they need from you. No need to say it's highly illegal and dangerous for you PC's security. The worse is that you're not even aware that it's being installed on your computer.
So I was reading that article about spyware, and decided to find a software to get rid of all the parasites in my PC. Found "Adware" and downloaded it for free. You wouldn't imagine how shocked I was when I found out I had something like 136 parasites in my hard drive. No doubt my PC was as slow as a snail. So I tried to delete it and... *surprise* ... you can scan your PC but if you want to delete all this you'll have to purchase the software. Damn... so I have to keep my 136 parasites cuz I'm broke and can't buy the software just now... *sigh* ... can't people make softwares that are really free once in a while?

About a completely different subject... the new french Sack Trick website, that I am doing with Allie, is slowly taking shape. Well, first it's being completely removed from the Chez.com host, cuz they suck, and they keep adding banners to my designs... so as I've already said before, they'll be a new URL in .com .
Secondly, it's taking time cuz Allie and I are making some huge changes:

      - new layout
      - brand new sections: members section + extra stuff, reviews, album of the month (Sack Trick related of course!), wanted... amongst others.

I won't give out the d'tails just now cuz it's supposed to be a surprise.
Besides, I'm still waiting for a few quizes... well, seems like some of the guys are either too lazy, to busy or simply quiz phobics. In any case, we'll keep pestering them 'til we get them back... *laughs* ...
In the meantime, I've been working on 2 other site projects. One about Scotland... mainly history, famous people, battles (with military maps), history of clans and tartans, and some other stuff. And the 2nd one about Witch Hunts. Weird? Well no.. considering the number of deaths caused by the silliness of Church. I just thought that, from an historical point of view, it would be an interesting research.

Oh yeah, one last thing... I've just found out that Europe is playing a gig in Paris on the 10th November. Now, that's a good piece of news, given the fact that every single rock band I like usually skips this town when they're touring Europe... which is quite frustrating. Take Whitesnake for example, they've toured Europe last year and didn't play here... and next october's tour will skip Paris aswell. That sucks !!!


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