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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Silly dog !

[Listening to: LA Guns - Ballad of Jayne - - (04:33)]

My training is finally over. You wouldn't believe how much I had to learn... luckily I'm done with it. And I'll be starting my new job next week. I even signed my contract today. I'm delighted.
Had to get up early this morning to go to my sis' place... argh! I've been waking at 6.00 am everyday and I couldn't even rest today. What a pain... I'm exhausted.
Besides, I've been sleeping very badly lately. I wake up in the middle of the night and can't find my sleep again. So I just lay in bed for two long hours staring at the ceiling, at the walls, wondering how the hell everyone can manage to sleep. Pretty frustrating I'll tell you. And when I do manage to sleep, my dog wakes me up because he barks in his sleep. Arghh.... and when he's not having bad dreams he comes to my bed, licks my face so I get my head away from the pillow and then sleeps on it... or, he slleps on my legs so I can't move them anymore and I end up having cramps. What a silly dog !!!

Btw, good news... the "Sheep in KISS make-up" album by Sack Trick is out on the 4th October. Now, I'm all excited, although I've already listenned to it. But again, it was still a demo...... anyway, that'll be all for tonight boys and girls. A bottle of Merlot is waiting to be drunk ... ciao ciao ... xXxXx

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