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Friday, September 10, 2004

Random Ramblings ........

[Listening to: Where You Going Now - Damn Yankees - (04:40)]

1* I'm exhausted......... gimme a bloody bed, please !!!!!!!!! I've only been back from holidays (like 2 weeks ago) and it feels like I've already been working for a whole year. Damn it. Why do people have to work? Why can't things be free for everyone. Life would be so much easier. Don't you think so?

2* I'm completely fed up with all these administration people. Bloody idiots. Why the hell won't they give me that flat I so much long for? My sis' is moving out and we asked these wankers if we could keep the flat......... "No", they said.............. they keep it for poor people. BUT I AM POOR !!!!!!!!!!!! Arghhhhhhhhhh ........ Result, I gotta go flat hunting AGAIN. As if I hadn't anything better to do?!? ...... Mmmfffff.......

3* Internet sucks sometimes. No, really!!!! If it carries on downloading spyware and adware without me even noticing it, I'm gonna end up throwing this computer thru the window. I've done everything everyone told me to do... like, activate the Win XP firewall, my internet connection firewall, I got myself 2 spy/adware killers and blockers (plus a pop-up blocker!!!) and I still get them all. Sh*t !!! Plus, now anytime I open Internet explorer I get that bloody ad stuck to my screen that somehow I don't seem to be able to remove.

4* Now, tell me what PhP and My SQL is all about?
See, I'm trying to build a members area in my website and don't seem to able to understand how it's supposed to work. Read a bit about it and it just looks like chinese to me. WHY oh WHYYYYYYY ?!?!
Why can't I just use Frontpage, huh? Why do these things have to be so complicated? If there's a good soul willing to explain how that works, well... I'm all ears !!!!

5* Bought that mag called 'Shock' this morning. You know, with loads of 'shocking' pictures. So I started reading it while at the office (no, I don't have anything better to do !!!) and I was... well, Shocked. You're gonna tell me..."Well, that's the point" .......... and I'll say, "Yes, but no...." . I mean, there are shocking pictures and SHOCKING pictures. Do you get the difference?
Okae, I'll explain. I've already bought it before and honestly, I've never been THAT shocked. Okae, the pictures weren't very nice, but still......
But in this weeks issue they were more than shocking, they were completely disgusting. Like you could see a guy holding a head by the ears.... without the body stuck to it. At first I thought it was a collage... but no, it wasn't. And then there was another one of a dead guy, who'd been found guilty of rape......... I won't tell you more about this one. Just try to imagine how disgusting it was... I thought I was gonna throw up when I saw that. Ewwwww .........
So I am mad with the people who did that mag cuz anyone can have access to it... including children! Stupid people !!!!!

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