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Friday, September 24, 2004

::.. Plagiarism ..::

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Well, that was my sister's idea. She found it... I stole it... he he !!! So as she says... "True or not true?"

Let's find out...

Aquarius in love

The analytical Aquarian approaches the game of love slowly, methodically and deliberately. Playing the game of love is fun in and of itself and should not be rushed. While falling in love, the Water Bearer can fill myriad roles for a lover, thanks to their keen mental energy and boundless commitment to a good cause. Conversely, a lover who won't play along will meet an immovable object in righteous Aquarius. The greatest challenge in love for the Water Bearer is intimacy, the emotional and empathetic aspect of love. Without it, love is incomplete, so those born under this Sign must find that space in which they feel free to feel and trust. If that is achieved, love with Aquarius can soar to outer space.

What aquarius needs

Aquarians often believe that their way is the best way, so it's no surprise that they'd be interested in a lover who mirrors many of their own good qualities. Social interaction and the ability to fight for a good cause is important to the Water Bearer, and the person who can fill these roles will be rewarded with a warm and dedicated companion. An open-minded and flexible person, one willing to explore boundless horizons, will also help them reach new heights. A lover who exhibits warmth and understanding can fill a key void in Aquarius's life, and if they also embrace the beauty of sharing, the relationship could go very far.

The Aquarius lover is unconventional yet innovative, a charmer who can wow a crowd and draws great strength from the partner at their side. Their cup runneth over when they are in the company of a passionate and committed soul.

Aquarius in relationships

The Water Bearer has many relationships - the real prize, though, is in finding that perfect one. Aquarians love to give pleasure, in keeping with their altruistic and philanthropic spirit. They also tend to seek agreement in their friendly and harmonious way. This is a valuable asset when it comes to relationships. A progressive nonconformist is a blessing to the Water Bearer, and if they can give them the space they crave, even better. The key to real passion for Aquarians, however, is in finding out what matters to them and looking out for their needs. Aquarians are so often busy caring for the masses that they forget about themselves! A lover who can help the Water Bearer get in touch with their innermost feelings and teach them to put the analysing aside will tap into a torrent of emotion waiting to be released. The ideal Aquarius soul mate is an Einstein with lots of soul.

Aquarius in romance

Sociable Aquarius rules the House of Friends, which means that many a courtship will begin in a group setting. Once the Water Bearer locates a target, though, a quirky and exciting romance is likely to ensue. Mental gymnastics are only half the fun, since the Aquarian mind also has a great facility for creative and imaginative play. A visit to a children's museum with the idea of improving already perfectly good exhibits is entirely plausible, and something which the Water Bearer can make very seductive. It is safe to say that a partner who appreciates the unexpected is the best bet for Aquarius. Since the Water Bearer will keep some secrets just that, a lover who can gently draw them out will create a romance dance that goes on and on and on.

Aquarius and sex

As befits an Air Sign, Aquarians tend to approach sex via the mind. If they can share and discuss their thoughts with their lover, matters in bed will be greatly enhanced. Their natural curiosity will also lead them to experiment with creative play between the sheets. Once relaxed they are prepared to explore new techniques to discover ever greater pleasure. A delicious mystery lurks beneath the surface of these oft-controlled souls, and the lover who is able to delve deeper is in for a wild ride. The issue of mind versus body is a mini-battle the Water Bearer must contend with. A lover who can convince them of the pleasure principle will set this sexual being free.

After a deep read, I came to the conclusion that THIS IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE !!! Well, as far as I am concerned anyway........ everything it says is just ME !!!
Now I'm amazed !!!

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