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Friday, September 10, 2004

Ha..... some people are really weird !!!

[Listening to: Where You Going Now - Damn Yankees - (04:40)]

Okae, one more post... I was checking my stats, right? And found out what some people searched for to get to my blog... honestly, that's odd.
Here are a few of them:

jocking soon moon url
www.funny kittys.com
world war 2 victory kiss
80's hair bands radio
one tree hill paste in graphics and layouts
gay fantasy world
free pop up bloker down loads
love way to heaven
real world fucking sex
fantasy world
eddie's bar iron maiden
kitty always hides
fantasy world
cristiano ronaldo compilation
yes, i had one like that once. welsh, he was, and big-headed
mmmfff (yes, agaiin)

And I ain't telling you about all the searches people did about Cristiano Ronaldo ......... Mmmfffff ...... weird, weird people indeed !!!!!

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