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Thursday, September 30, 2004

::.. EUROPE's new album ..::

So, the new Europe's album's out since last monday... and they'll be in concert over here on the 10th november. How amazing !!! The best is that Allie found a russian site that lets you download the whole album for a mere $1.20. Okae, it's not free, but at least I am not paying 20 fucking euros. I haven't heard it yet but I am not worried. The band tends to do really good music. Ooops, I'm lying infact. I did listen to one song of the album... "Hero" ..... and it's absolutely gorgeous. You know, the kind of power ballad that gives you goosebumps and brings a tear to your eye. Well, as far as I am concerned I get all emotional everytime I listen to it. Anyway, go check it if you're interested. Here's the link: MP3search.Ru - Europe ... it should get you directly to the album's page. You might need to register first though. Just in case you have to, here's the link to their homepage: MP3search.Ru
The album's called "Start from the Dark".

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