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Saturday, August 28, 2004

::.. Back From Holiday..::

[Listening to: Never wrote a love song - Doogie White / Alex Dickson - (02:34)]

Oh yeahhhhhhhh ........... well, too bad it's over but hey, all the good things have an end, right? Besides, I was getting bored in the end. No honest, while I was in South Portugal with the sand, beach, cheap beers and hot weather... well, I didn't mind. But the last week we had to go and visit some familt up north, which is a real pain for me cuz there's nothing to do over there... but I'm not gonna avoid my own family, am I?
The Algarve was good, although we've had better weather in the past years. Not that I am complaining about the 30°C temperature, but it's usually hotter than that.
I had almost forgotten what it was like to feel the hot sand on my feet...... maaaaaaarvellous ....... *giggles* ..... Simon joined us for the 1st 2 weeks which was great. Sweet guy, really... but very cheeky !!! I'm still amazed with the way he speaks french. And absolutely delighted that he got along with my folks. Now, talking about them... why do parents have to be so embarrassing sometimes?!? It was like... you know, they were perfectly aware that Simon spoke french, but still they would start speaking ridiculously slowly when they were talking to him... arghh. I know they just meant good, but Simon was starting to feel uneasy..... mom was the worst !!!

Apart from that, we had a good laugh.... making fun of all those stupid folks on the beach showing off their bodies (that'll be Mr Muscle) or their hair (that'll be Mr Shampoo). The Beach was alright. It was full of seaweed at the beginning which gave me a massive allergy (well, at least now I know I am allergic to seaweed....) but it got much better afterwards. And much warmer too, cuz the very first day we got into the water, it was so cold that our bones hurt (yes, that cold...). As every single year, I got seriously sunburnt... well, believe me, I tried not to and put on high sun protection cream but we had the brilliant idea to stay on the beach from noon to 4.00 pm, soooo...... result? Well, as I said, we got sunburnt all over our bodies. I think I was the one in the worst state cuz it hurt so much that I could barely walk. Later that day, when we sat for diner I had to put a wet cloth under my butt to try and relieve the pain, but after a few minutes you could see steam coming out of it cuz my skin was so hot. And because my skin was so burnt, it felt like it was shrinking so I couldn't walk properly and looked like a granny each time I made a step... that made everyone laugh but me. But believe me, Allie wasn't far behind, she was almost as sunburnt as me....

A few days after we arrived, we saw Felipe again... used to date him 4 years ago. Changed quite alot actually. When we saw him 2 years ago he was completely spaced out and I tried to avoid him as much as I could. He was back to his normal old self this year, which was nice. Don't know if that was a good or bad idea, but we got back together. Well, thinking again, that was a bad idea as we have absolutely nothing in commun, apart from listening to the same kind of music. The very last day of our holidays there he told us about a bar in a nearby town called 'Santa Barbara de Nexe'. That bar (Eddie's Bar) actually belongs to Iron Maiden bass player Steve Harris, who usually shows up in July. Too bad he only told us about it when we were leaving. We'll try and visit that one next year... who knows, we might even see him there?!?
What else? Erm... we finally found the much wanted Blue Ice Cream. We found it when we got there but said we'd wait until a bit later to buy it and take pictures cuz we never had our camera with us. The very last day, we took it and headed to the shop to get one each. You wouldn't imagine our disappointment when we found out they were not selling it anymore... so there we went, from shop to shop trying to find our Blue Ice Cream. In the end, we found a guy that told us that we could get one in a shop near the beach... and we got our picture taken.

Fernanda (my odest sister) and his husband Michel joined us for a few days, along with their children Anthony, Jordan and Killian, and Michel's brother Roberto. Now, you have to know that I absolutely hate that guy. He's self-centered, stupid, egoistic and a bloody lasy pig, who thinks that he's the best and all the people around him are just a bag of shit. Wanker !!!!! Besides, he had the nerve to come and join us whithout being invited. We all kind of blame Michel for allowing him to do so, knowing that all of us hate him. I'm glad Simon didn't witness the war between us and that bloke... a really bad atmosphere that got us all in an ugly mood! The kids were happy to be there though... and kept complaining to us about how mean their uncle (That'll be Roberto) was to them. And Killian...... awww, he's still my little cutie. You wouldn't believe it...... 9 months old and 12 kgs .... oh yes, he's a big boy ... ha ha ha !!!

But well, all in all... we had a good time over there but I am happy to be back home. Although I'm starting work again on the 30th...... *grins* ...... not that I am complaining.

Anyway, that'll be all for today folks... I still didn't recover from my 36-hour trip from Portugal. I need to sleeeeeeeeeeeep .............. *mwa *mwa *mwa*

Post-KISStum... I've changed my blog layout again by the way. Not that I didn't like the other one but when I checked it a few days ago, I found out the picture was misisng. So instead I created a new one. And because Mr. Chris Dale is one of my heros and is very photogenic... I used one of his pictures for the graphics. Well, I am very happy with the result... are u? ... *laughs* .......

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