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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Totalrock Show

[Listening to: Dream Stream - Live From London - TOTALROCK.COM - (00:00)]

Listening to Chris' show on Totalrock radio. Honestly, this man's a genius... amazing track list up to now (although Mr Dale's just played some Megadeath...... ewww! I don't quite like it myself to be honest.). Anyway, the best thing is that he announced that Alex Dickson should appear as a special guest on the show tonight, which I think is amazing 'cuz I missed the first show he appeared in...
Allie and I already prepared a couple of questions for Chris to ask him, just i case little SP4C3 B0Y shows up in those last 50 minutes... fingers crossed !!!

What else? Nothing much interesting in fact. Allie and just picked Timmy The Dog from the vets where he just had surgery. The doc said he'd be fine now although he's quite dizzy! He can't even walk properly, the poor wee thing... looks like he's drunk !!!

Anyway....... I am soooo excited. Honestly, can you believe it? My hero on the show...... Doogie last week ... *drools* ... and Alex today! Ahhhhhhh, too good to be true !!!

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