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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

::.. Story of my life - Part 2 ..::

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1999 - 20 years old...
Last year in college. We're supposed to improve our english level for our exams at the end of the year, so we have a new class: english conversation with a british guy... Rob. So there we are, the 8 of us in class, waiting for the beginning of the lesson. We're all discussing and being silly when he enters the room. I almost fell of my chair. I was gobsmacked. He was completely gorgeous with short brown hair and green/grey/brownish eyes...
He introduced himself. His name was Robert Pike and he was 24. He studied History back in the UK and came to Paris to improve his french. And the most important... he was welsh, not english!
We got along straight away. He was funny and sweet. I even started looking forward to attending his lessons every friday morning. Because the other guys didn't really feel like speaking in english, Rob and I would grab a chair and sit in a corner of the room to chat. That went on until the end of term.
For his last lesson, he wanted us all there. And that's the day my alarm clock decided not to work. When I finally woke up that morning and realized it was 9.00 am I got angry. I was supposed to be there at that time. Why was that happening to me?!? So I got up and ready as fast as I could. I believe I've never been so fast in the morning. I was gutted and cried with frustration. When I got there, the lesson was over and it was break time. I was about to go and meet my mates when I saw Rob coming towards me. He looked lovely but somehow a bit sad. Here's what happened:

Me: "Hey Rob!"
Him: "Hello Katie. I didn't see you in class."
Me: "Yeah, sorry I didn't wake up in time this morning."
Him: "Was that because you didn't want to come and see me?"
Me: "No, no... not at all. I promise I wanted to but I just didn't wake up."
Him: "I wanted to see you before leaving and give you this" (that was his personal address back in Wales)

No need to tell you I was over the moon. I mean, I knew he liked me and I was head over heels with him... anf he was giving ME his address! I was holding the piece of paper and still grinning when he called my name. "Huh?!?", I said... and leant and kissed me. It was the sweetest kiss I had ever been given. I was in heaven. And then I suddenly realized where I was... right in the middle of the school ground with everyone looking at us. And I really mean everyone! That was embarrassing. Fortunately we were saved by the bell. I didn't really know what to do, so I started mumbling some good-byes and turned around to go to class. After a few steps Rob called me again...

Him: "Katie?!"
Me: "Huh... yes?"
Him: "Do you have anything planned right now?" (He ovbiously knew I had class or I wouldn't have been there!)
Me: "Erm... yes. I guess I have class."
Him: "Erm... well okae then. Hum... bye Katie!"

And then he turned around and started to leave. And I thought - I can't let that happen. I am completely crazy about him. If I let him go I'll never forgive myself - so I called him back...

Me: "Rob?"
Him: "Yes?"
Me: "After all, I guess what I have to do right now isn't that important.
Him: (grinning) "Fancy going for a drink then?"
Me: "I'd love that!"

So I skipped class all day long. We went to a café for a couple of drinks and spent the day together. I felt good, for once in my life I was truly happy with a man. But he was leaving the next day. I was heart-broken.
So we started writing each other letters. After swapping a few, he told me he loved me. I loved him too.
It was a difficult sittuation though... he was in London, and I was stuck here. The first time I visited him was over christmas and we stayed together for a couple of days. Then I went back in february and we spent a whole week together. Basically I went there with some friends to celebrate my birthday. Rob was supposed to be up north for seminars all week and I knew I was only going to see him during my las day in London. So imagine my surprise, when arriving at Waterloo station I saw him standing at the arrivals with a bunch of roses in one hand and a present in the other. Rob had postponed his meeting for the next day, so we could celebrate my birthday together. My mates where there too, which made it all perfect. They all knew him from class and thought it was weird to see us both together. But they thought we looked sweet. He offered me a heart pendant for St Valentine's day and a perfume for my birthday. We talked a lot. He told me his deepest secrets... and I told him mine.
The next day he had to leave but left me with the keys to his place in case I didn't feel like staying at the hotel. Went back to stay with my friends though. We shopped all day long and in the evening we got ready to party. When leaving the hotel, dressed to kill, we walked for a bit in Notting Hill to grab a taxi. We were in full conversation when we suddenly heard - "Miss, you've dropped your ciggies" - Robbie Williams himself was talking to us. Oh boy... he looked like a giant.
We were going to the same area, so he insisted in us sharing a taxi with him and his mate Jonathan. Farah kept speaking with them, and Amy and I looked at each other blankly...

Amy: "Erm... say something Kay!"
Me: "I don't have anything to say. YOU say something..."
Amy: "Okay, but what?"
Me: "Erm... why is that idiot looking at my tits?" (The whole converstaion was in french... obviously)
Amy: "Because he's a man, and men are all perverts."

And we both laughed like crazy. That's when he looked at me and said "Sorry". Argh..... that was embarrassing. The bastard had understaood what we'd said. Shit...
So we arrived in Leister Square and ended up going to the same bar... "Oxygen" was the name, but I am not so sure now.
Well, if you're wondering, Robbie turned out to be really nice. Rob (my sweetie) called me during the evening to knwo where I was and if I was having fun. We spoke for a while, but then he siad he had to go. Half an hour later, there he was entering the bar. I was delighted. He said he had cancelled the other meetings and would stay with me for the while week.
That night he offered me a ring.

That's it for now dudes and dudettes... Part 3 coming soon!!! ......... *mwaa* .... *mwaa* .........

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