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Saturday, July 10, 2004

::.. Script (ic) Dream ..::

[Listening to: All Hell's Breaking Loose - Sack Trick - Sheep In KISS Make-Up (06:10)]

... scripts .... tables ....... hyperlinks .... absolute position ...... templates ............ ARGHHH !!!! What a nightmare I had last night. See, yesterday I asked Allie if she wanted a new layout for her own blog cuz she was still using the one provided by blogger and it looked quite plain (and pinkish). So she searched for a nice picture I could use for the graphics and left me with my PC. Honestly, I had it all in mind. I knew exactly how I wanted it to look; but then once I started working on it I realized that Frontpage was a crap software and couldn't really do what I wanted with it, so I had to give up on my idea. Instead I worked on the graphics. Allie wanted it to look a bit spacey with a picture of a space lady, so I kind of messed up with the original pic and got a very nice result... well... I certainly think it IS good. But I guess I am saying it because I spent hours re-working it......
Anyway, after finishing off with the graphic I had to work on the layout itself. At first I wanted to add some kind of scrolling text for the main entries.... but then I realized it didn't look good at all once I added the links bar. So I gave up that idea too...
I believe I tried what seems like a hundred layouts before finding the right one... at that point I was without any doubt considering pulling my hair and throwing that damn computer through the window... but then my sister Nan arrived and we went out shopping for a couple of hours. I thought I was gonna relax but how wrong I was... sales time over here baby !!! Which means... over-crowded shops, cloths absolutely everwhere and a huge feeling of claustrophobia. So I grabbed some stuff, paid for it ... obviously! You didn't think I was a thief, right?... and went home. Felt much more relaxed once there; that was really quiet and inspiration came back.
So, I started working seriously on the new layout. Added all the blogger codes, links, pictures, etc... honestly, that looked pretty good! But then whenever I tried to paste the html code into the template file of blogger it just wouldn't show what was supposed to be seen. F*CK, I said........ I really was pissed off. So I went through the whole code again only to find out that whenever I copy/paste code from frontpage into another document, the "<" and ">" were replaced by some crypted letters... so far I got ";g&t" and ";&ag" ...... how weird is that?!?
Anyway, I fixed it all up and it's all fine now. I am pretty proud of it actually, because it's the first time I am designing a blog layout from A to Z on my own.
If you want to check out how it looks like, click HERE
Leave your comments..... I really, really (x100) want to know what you think about it! Please ?!?! ........ *grins* ........

I'm really tired now. My eyes are red from staring at the screen for too long and my head's about to explode; so......... *mwaa* *mwaa* *mwaa* ....... I'm going to rest !

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