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Saturday, July 17, 2004

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Opening my W.Bloggar software to post in here but.... *Suprise*...... I have absolutely nothing to say. It's like... one minute I know exactly what to say, and the other all inspiration is gone. How weird?!? So well... I'll just write whatever comes thru my non-inspired mind...

D-7 ... within 7 days I'll be on my way to Portugal. I didn't really like travelling by car, but dad needs it once there, so.... I guess the journey in France, from Paris to Bordeaux is quite alright but when we get to Spain it's horrible. Spanish people drive as if they were in a F1 race, it's too long and too hot !!! Don't even think about going for a wee when you make a stop... it stinks and it's all disgusting. Being a foreigner, locals look at you as if you were an alien trying to invade the planet... and the food isn't as good as you'd expect. Once in portuguese land, things tend to get better... but it's even hotter.
What pisses me off when going in holidays to the same destination as my folks is that if they want to stop then you have no choice but do the same. I wish we could drive straight from Paris to South Portugal.... we don't !!! They usually want to stop a day or 2 at my uncle's place, then another stop for 2 or 3 days at my grand-parents. What a waste of time. Arghh... whatever. I guess it's better than not having holidays at all.
Anyway, speaking of Portugal... the good news is that Siko might come over for a couple of weeks, which is bloody amazing. Well, it isn't confirmed yet as he still needs to have a look at the flight fares... but fingers crossed! If he cannot make it I hope he'll come over to Paris to visit us. Of course, when I am back from Portugal I am working but I still can go out at night, right? Unless Allie works aswell.... I don't know. We'll have to see !!!
But honestly, I reallyyyyyyy hope he can make it to South Portugal. We asked mom if it was okae with her and she said yes (and asked if he had a girlfriend.... argh, moms !!!).

What else... ermm... I found a new job. I've been temping since I got back from Paris and it isn't very convenient to have money (specially when you really need it!). But considering the fact that my older sister is moving to Portugal and quitting her job... I kinda got her position. The good thing is that it isn't very far from home. The second good thing is that I'll work 10 to 6... which means that if I want to party late at night, I can cuz I still can sleep a bit the following day. And the 3rd good thing is that I know the guy I am working with, which is an amazing thing if I need a couple of days off for, say, a KISSmas gig in december?!? Yes, I am looking at the practical side here.... But the most interesting in this situation is that I'll have my own office, my own desk, my own computer. Plus, because there are times of the days when I won't have much to do I'm allowed to work on my homework. Yep, I am studying to be a PA but it's some kind of distance learning course. It last 2 years, which means that as soon I can go back to England, I will cuz I don't need to attend school. How cool is that, huh? I don't know what I am going to do after these 2 years... probably try and get another course I discovered in Paris, that gets you formed to work in a Record Company. Mom doesn't think it's a good idea. But again, whatever Allie and I do, doesn't seem to impress mom... plus, she doesn't really like music. She enjoys it now and then, when she's in the mood... the rest of the time she keeps complaining that the music is too loud. Considering that dad, Allie and I absoutely love listening to rock and metal... she kind of gets insane... *grins* .... !!! She thinks it's a waste of time trying to work in the music industry. What a pain. The problem is that she doesn't seem to get the point... we want and we WILL work in a record company, or anything related, whether she wants it or not !!! And the more she gets opposed to that, the more I do to fulfill my goal. I'm a bit of a rebel you see, so when she says white, well... I kind of say black! You got what I mean...
But honestly, I really don't see myself staying here in Paris. The only reason Allie and I came back was because my grand dad is very ill, and unfortunately, slowly dying. And we wanted to be here to support him thru this difficult time.
But that's life... ups and downs. I'll surely find my way someday !!!

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