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Saturday, June 26, 2004

Who I am ?

Okae, that originally was my sister's idea... but because I am lazy today and I didn't know what to write, I decided to steal her idea. Actually that was pretty fun to fill in it.... you should have a go too!

.x. What time is it right now : 2.48 pm
.x. Nicknames : Kay, Kitty, Kat
.x. Birthdate : February 15th, 1979
.x. So that means you're how old? 25 bloody years old...... damn it!
.x. Zodiac sign : Aquarius
.x. Height : I'm a dwarf... 5'5"
.x. Eye color : Brownish
.x. Hair color : Brownish
.x. Righty or lefty : Righty
.x. Pets : a Yorkshire dog called Timmy. (kinda looks like a teddy bear)


.x. Number : 5
.x. TV station : VH1 and M6
.x. Person to talk to online? I don't talk online
.x. Person to talk to on the phone? My sis' Allie
.x. Food : Baguette
.x. Drink : coke
.x. Alcoholic drink : Red wine
.x. Flower : Sunflowers, roses and daffodil
.x. Smell/Scent : Cinnamon and rosemary
.x. Actor : Sean Connery, Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis and Nicholas Cage
.x. Actress : Reese Witherspoon and Drew Barrymore
.x. Movie : Braveheart
.x. Hangouts : pub and gigs mostly
.x. Summer vacation : Beach lol

LOVE LIFE (or lack thereof) ...

.x. Single or attached? Single
.x. Ever been in love? Yes
.x. Do you believe in love at first sight? Somewhat yeah
.x. Do you believe in "the one"? I don't know
.x. Describe your ideal significant other : loyal, faithful, somewhat romantic, gentle, funny...
.x. Sweetest thing that special someone has ever done for you : can't think of anything right now...


.x. Wuss : nope
.x. Druggy : nope
.x. Daydreamer : definitely
.x. Freak : are you jocking?
.x. Dork : nope
.x. Bitch/Asshole : sometimes...
.x. Brat : nope
.x. Sarcastic : sometimes I guess
.x. Goody-goody : at all
.x. Angel : sometimes
.x. Devil : you tell me...
.x. Shy : YES
.x. Talkative : VERY MUCH
.x. Adventurous : kinda
.x. Joker : kinda
.x. Flirty : depends on my mood


.x. Rock : KISS
.x. Orange : Chris Dale
.x. Wet : water
.x. Cry : baby
.x. Hot : summer
.x. Cold : snow
.x. Steamy: fire
.x. Fast : car
.x. Freaky : landlord
.x. Rain : storm
.x. Bite : dog
.x. Suck : ice cream
.x. Blow : nose
.x. Hard : rock
.x. Extra Long : Time since I went on holidays
.x. Limp : Bizkit
.x. Needle : doctor
.x. Oral : sex
.x. Honey : bees
.x. High heels : ankle breaking
.x. Fetish : lucky charm
.x. Elevator : Claustrophobic
.x. Red : Roses


.x. Last person you talked to on the phone : Allie
.x. Last song you listened to : "Street of Dreams" - Rainbow
.x. Last thing you ate : pasta
.x. What's the weather like? cloudy
.x. What's right next to you? My computer, d'oh!
.x. Contacts or glasses? Glasses... but I never wear them!
.x. Do you like to dance? Not really. I'm not even good at it!
.x. Shy to make the first move? Sometimes


.x. what are you wearing right now? : tagged jeans, placebo t-shirt, trainers
.x. current mood : enthousiastic
.x. current music : "The Elder" medley - Sack Trick
.x. current taste : nothing
.x. current hair : Mine
.x. current annoyance : having to go shopping with mom... what a pain!
.x. current smell : deodorant
.x. current game : none
.x. current thing I ought to be doing : sleeping
.x. current windows open : all of them
.x. current desktop picture : Moon
.x. current favorite group : KISS
.x. current book : Some book by Mary Higgins Clark
.x. current cds in stereo : "asshole" - Gene Simmons, "Heavy Metal Masters" Compilation, "Recovering the Wasted years" - Mike Tramp, "Best Of, Volume I" - Van Halen
.x. current color of toenails : french manicure
.x. current worry : will Portugal get to the finals?
.x. current crush : ahhh... am not saying!


.x. smiled? yes
.x. laughed? yes
.x. cried? nope
.x. bought something? not yet
.x. danced? definitely not
.x. been sarcastic? nope
.x. talked to an ex? no no no
.x. watched my favorite movie? no


.x. last movie you saw : Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban with my nephews
.x. last song you heard? "The Elder Medley" - Sack Trick
.x. last thing you had to drink? coffee
.x. last time you showered? about an hour ago...

DO I ...

.x. smoke? yes
.x. do drugs? sometimes
.x. have sex? depends who with...
.x. live for the moment? somehow
.x. have a dream that keeps coming back : oh yes.... snakes, eek!
.x. play an instrument? Bass
.x. believe there is life on other planets : Of course
.x. remember your first love : yes
.x. still love him/her? at all
.x. read the newspaper : 'course
.x. have any gay or lesbian friends? a couple
.x. believe in miracles? yes
.x. believe it's possible to remain faithfull forever: I'm not sure as far as guys are concerned
.x. consider yourself tolerent of others? yes
.x. consider love a mistake? why would it be?
.x. like the taste of alchohol: 'course or I wouldn't drink it
.x. have a favorite candy? yes... jelly beans
.x. believe in astrology : yes but only when it says I'm going to be rich or find true love... *laughs*
.x. believe in magic : I guess
.x. believe in god : Definitely NOT
.x. go to church : when I don't have the choice... I do.
.x. do well in school? Of course
.x. go to or plan to go to college? yes
.x. wear hats? sometimes
.x. have any piercings : yes... bellybutton
.x. have any tatoos? yes... at the bottom of my back... 2 butterflies
.x. hate yourself : no
.x. have an obsession : I don't think so...
.x. have a secret crush : yes
.x. do they know? 'course not. That wouldn't be a secret anymore, right?
.x. collect anything? yes... CD's
.x. have a best friend? used to...
.x. wish on stars? sometimes
.x. like your handwriting? I never really thought about that
.x. have any bad habits? yes, nail-biting and smoking
.x. care about looks? sometimes
.x. believe in witches? I guess

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