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Saturday, June 12, 2004

That's me

15th February 1979… That’s when I was born. Well… I was supposed to stay inside my mom’s tummy for a couple more months but apparently I was already looking forward to facing this world and becoming a rebel. Not that I looked that impressing… 1,300 kgs for 61 cms. Looked more like a rabbit than King Kong. But you’d think I’d behave like an angel… uh huh… the more I cried, the more people came running to look after me… and the more I understood I had power over grown-ups. Clever girl at a tender age!!!
But unfortunately, I realized, as soon as my parents got me home, that every good thing had an end. My 7 year old brother, having decided that I was nothing but a pest and somehow a nature’s mistake (thanks a lot JP!!!), started bullying me. That’s true… unless you consider feet and hands biting as a funny game?!?!
These kind of little incidents (as mom liked to call it) happening quite a few times, gran dad Ant suggested it would be wiser to take me with him to Portugal for a couple of months. You know, just for things to settle a bit and leave some time for my sibling to realize I was his sister and not some kind of toy, as he seemed to believe. Anyway, mom seeing no end to the bullying she agreed to let me go with gran dad for a “couple of months”.

1982 – 3 years old… I turned out to be such a sweetie, without my bros biting my feet, that gran dad didn’t find the courage to get rid of his “lit’ doll”… result: the “couple of months” turned out to be 3 years. That’s when mom took the silly decision to enrol me in kinder garden. As if my life wasn’t exciting enough… argh!!! And to make it even more thrilling, she chose a school not in Portugal but in… France. Great… so there I was in a plane, wondering if clouds tasted like candy floss, on my way to my new place. What a nightmare for a “single” child like me to find out that I wasn’t the little doll anymore and that there were 2 other pests after me. Having to houseshare with 4 others was somehow… upsetting!
Then came the BIG day. There I went hand in hand with mom to meet my fellow little friends. That’s when I met her. My teacher. And I must confess it wasn’t love at first sight. From the moment she told me to draw spirals I knew I hated her. I thought she behaved like a bloody dictator… although I am not quite sure I knew what it meant at the time. Why would I have to make drawings, paintings, statues, play, sleep or whatever her invention was… if I didn’t feel like doing so, huh?!? I must have gotten in touch with my bad side because I suddenly found myself kicking, fighting, tearing pages and shouting… all this, almost all in one go. King Kong in a rabbit’s body… how nice!
Meanwhile, my grand dad was still in Portugal. He’d got all upset because of my leaving and got ill with despair… literally! Mom understood it and without even realizing what was happening, I was in a plane back to my beloved house in Portugal (… and still wondering if clouds tasted sweet!!!).

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