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Saturday, October 11, 2003

I`ve been feeling sooo tired lately cuz of all the parties I am going to, meeting mates and work... seems like since I arrived here in London I haven`t been able to rest properly.
Went to to the King`s Head farewell gig last monday. That was a brilliant gig and the guys were amazing on stage. There was Chris on vocals and bass, Benny and robin on drums, Jem on keyboards and Roo on guitar. I`ll have to be honest, I was pretty disappointed not seeing Alex on guitar that night. Don`t get me wrong... I love when Roo`s playing, he`s amazing on stage and very entertaining but a Sack Trick gig without Alex` shredding just feels a bit weird you know...
Anyway, the band was on at 10-ish then we all carried on drinking `til late. I didn`t realize how late it was until Allie looked at her watch and said it was already 6.00 am ...... jesus!!! The poor thing was working at 9.00 am ... can you imagine her state?...... *grins*... after realizing how late (or should I say early ?!?!?!) it was, Benny, Roo, Allie and I grabbed a taxi back home. When we got there, Allie didn`t even try to sleep a bit as it was already time to get ready for work........ urghhhh !!! And I went straight to bed..... eh eh eh !!!!
There was another party last thursday for the closing down of the King`s Head.... I haven`t been to this bar that much but the few times I was there I made so many great friends.... the staff is lovely... and the atmosphere`s just brilliant. That felt a bit depressing having to say hello to this place. But we did have loads of fun that night. Spoke with Chris too....... (am getting braver every time...... eh eh eh!!!)... he was funny. We spoke about his trip to Rio, we spoke about Nando, the city, Paris, bars.... Benny and Roo were funny and lovely as usual... played pool a couple of times but I managed to loose every single game.... god, how pathetic is that? I really should give up wit that thing cuz I don`t seem to be able to improve myself... *frowns*.... Met Dawn aswell... Lovely lady actually... swapped phone numbers so we can get in touch with each other to meet up for dinner one of these days....

What else`s new..... erm, yeah, I`ve started a new job. Working at the Holiday Inn hotel in Regent`s Park, right in the center of London. I have a receptionist position and I am enjoying it a lot. It`s funny to meet so many people from so many countries with so many different cultures..... waw..... plus it`s really good pay... eh eh eh !!! And I`ve got huge discounts in every Holiday Inn and Grand Hotels all around the world which is amazing...... I really should book a room one of these days so I can go and get wasted with mates..... eh eh eh!!!
The only bad thing about working as a receptionist is that you`ve got to wear a uniform while on duty (although mine is cool... plain black !!!) and stand all day long while wearing high heels... no need to tell you that once I get home I can barely walk..... argh !!!

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