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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Here I am in luvley London. Sounds pretty weird to me actually cuz I had been waiting for this moment for so long. Life`s a been hectic over here at the moment... going to job interviews... to the pub... meeting friends ..... but thats all coolio! I am enjoying every minute of it.
Whats more, Allie and I went to the King`s Head last week and met Chris Dale, Dawn and Roo... spent a luvley time chatting with them all although I must confess we were all pretty wasted.... eh, eh !!! And for once in my life I`ve had the guts to speak to Chris ..... amazing!!!! Shared a taxi to go back home, then the tube but I can`t remember a thing about it.... jeez !!!!! I really should stop mixing drinks.........
Anyway, we`ll probably see them again tomorrow for the totalrock show..... then on monday for the farewell gig....... waheyyyyyyy !!!!!!! More drinking nights........

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