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Saturday, September 20, 2003

woke up with a massive cold this morning. That's horrible... and all because of Allie who had it a few days ago. (Note to Allie: Thanx a lot !!!! ... *grins*...). Damn it, my head's hurting like mad and I feel all weird. Guess I am gonna ask mom some medecines.... hey, that's what moms are here for, right? Look after you...... eh eh !!!!!!

Anyway, found the courage to get up and packed the rest of my boxes. Then left to the bank to withdraw all my money. No need to tell you that once you've got so much in your wallet you can somehow get a little paranoid !!!!! But I feel relieved to have it with me cuz then that means I am leaving soon! Back at the bank I was chatting with that guy who works there and he was telling me that mom passed by the place the previous day and they spent half an hour speaking about Allie and I. Obviously he knew everything about our moving....... argh, moms !!!!!!!!... *laughs*.....

Nothing much interesting apart from that.... just stressed out about the moving but I'll be just fine!
One think I am worried about actually... how the hell I am going to manage to carry all my luggage to the train station? And is it going to fit in the train (I mean the luggage place of course.....)? And what about the scanning machine? Jeez.........

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