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Friday, September 19, 2003

Finally ready for leaving... I can't believe it! I've been planning to live to London for months and I am finally ready. Two massive luggage packed with clothes... 20 something boxes.... One way ticket to London in hand.... It's still a bit hard to believe that I am finally leaving. Of course I feel a bit stressed out by the moving but I guess it's a normal feeling when you're about to change your life completely!
Last week-end Allie and I went to London for flat hunting. We had an appointment to view a flat in West London and to be honest I was completely nervous about what we were going to discover. But contrary to what I thought, the place is completely gorgeous. It's small though.... But well, I guess I don't really care about that. I mean, there'll be just the 2 of us in there so it isn't a problem. The flat's fully furnished with brand new stuff which is amazing. The road is quiet and pretty close to all amenities....... And the Tube and BR are minutes away. Isn't it just brilliant?
I also have an appointment with a recruitment agency about a job for a company called L'Oréal (bet you know what it is, huh?)... let's hope everything goes fine !!!

What else.... erm, yeah.... been to a Sack Trick gig last Sunday aswell! Allie and I got there at around 6.30 but the bar was actually empty. I think everyone was outside as the weather was lovely. The gig was brilliant as usually and we had loads of fun. Actually it was Reuben's birthday party so we took the opportunity to get him a bottle of french fine wine.
There were loads of people... some people I knew, others I didn't.... met loads.... got really drunk. Although, thinking back about it I reckon I wasn't that drunk. I mean, I've already felt worse.... but you definitely should have seen Allie.... I still don't know how she managed not to pass out. That was really fun... she tried to play pool but kept sending the balls over the pool table... I wasn't much better I must confess. But hey, playing pool is an art my dears......... there was that guy who I played with several times and he kept putting all the balls in.... obviously he won all the games. Well, almost.... if you don't count the time he let me win out of pity !!!! *laughs* ..... I know, I know I am pathetic.... I should give up pool but I can't help... it's too hilarious !!!!!

The guys in the band were pretty nice too. Robin even tried to speak in french.... that waslovelyy to hear him speak with his british accent. I was pretty amazed actually... he's speaks french pretty well !!!
Reuben and Ben were sweet as usually.... but very drunk too !!! Which I guess it's normal.... I mean, you don't attend a party (a sack trick party whatsmore) and stay sober .... huh? Alex was as shy as usual..... not very surprising !!!! And Chris... well, actually I didn't speak with Chris. Allie gave him a bottle of wine for his birthday and he seemed happy with it. I still don't know how she had the guts to speak with him. I mean, he seems to be a lovely chap but I can't seem to be able to speak to him. I know if I do I'll start mumbling or something and will end up making a fool of myself so I just shut up just in case, you know..... I know it sounds silly but hey, what can I do about it?
Anyway, the gig and party were awesome.... went to bed at 4.30 am to get up at 9.30 am. Allie had a job interview that day but had to postpone it as she was feeling too sick to go. Hopefully the chap was kind enough to agree........ phewww .....

Now I am back in Paris for a few days.... leaving next Monday and I can't wait. Yeepeeee ............... London Here we come !!!!!

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