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Thursday, July 24, 2003

well..... I am back !!!! Been a wee while since I last updated this page. Shame on me ........
Anyway, by this time I should have been in London for at least 4 days and guess what? I am NOT... we kind of had some problems before leaving and we had to postpone our moving for another month. Seems to me that I've been doing it for years now... honestly, it's getting really frustrating now, damn it!
I'll tell you what, it's all because of bad luck! It's as if I had been cursed or something cuz honestly you can't have bad luck following you all the time can you? Geezz.....
Here's exactly what happened.....
Last friday my sister, the one who's expecting a baby, fell and almost lost her baby.
That very same day, dad took his car to the garage to have it controlled before going away in holiday. My brother in law, who was the one checking the car, dropped I can't remember what in the car engine and broke it...... result? The car engine had to be completely removed and repaced which costs a fortune.
Again that very same day, my very same brother in law took his car and while he was driving it, it set fire and exploded right in the middle of a traffic jam. When he saw that, one of his collegues ran to another car to get a fire estinctor and ..... broke the car.
To forget that awful day he invited Allie and I, plus a couple of mates to the chinese. Right in the middle of our meal we got a phone call from my parents telling us that our building was on fire. No need to tell you that we left the meal where it was and rushed home to find out that our flat had been damaged.
Putting into consideration that my parents were going away in holiday, Allie and I told our parents not to worry that we'd stay here for another month so they can relax after a tiring year and we'd deal with the insurances experts.
This said, I am completelly gutted cuz I should have been ib London by now and I am stuck at home doing absolutely nothing but wait for a bunch of crazy lunatics to check the flat damages. damn it, damn it, damn it !!!!

What's more, I haven't spoken with Nando in a while. I miss him loads and I can't even tell him because now that my work contract is over I do not have access to the net.
So now ....... who's gonna tell me I am not cursed, huh?

Well, the only good thing about it is that now I can sleep as long as I please!!! But don't get it wrong ladies and gentlemen..... I am not a lazy little pig...... or am I? Mmmm .... well !!!!

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