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Monday, July 07, 2003

That’s it, I am in holiday… well, I’ve been off work for a whole week now but I’ll tell you, it isn’t really holiday time. I am moving to London next week and I’ve got so much to pack. Have already started doing it all but the more I pack and the more I find… honest, it’s as if stuff was appearing from every corner of the house. I didn’t know I owned so much stuff… crazy!!! Last week I went shopping to find a luggage… I did find one actually, and it’s massive. Just for you to imagine… I fit inside it! Honest… so well, I bought it plus a smaller one (but still massive!!!)! Obviously all my clothes aren’t going to fit inside it but at least I can bring a whole bunch of stuff with me, which is great. As for all the boxes I have been packing… well, for the moment I have got 6 of them full of books and tapes… still have to pack my TV, DVD player, my PC, hover (plus the rest of my house stuff I had back in Glasgow) and my clothes … which means that I’ll probably need another 10 boxes minimum.
Mom thinks I am crazy to bring so much with me but actually SHE is the one who keeps buying me stuff for the house… and now she complains that I have too much! D’oh …
The other day she went through all the house to check if there was something she could offer me… and of course she did find loads… which means, another box !!!!
Am not complaining though, I think it’s lovely from her to do so and to buy me all the stuff I need in London. She’s completely stressed out for us… honestly, if she goes on she’ll have a stroke for worrying too much!

Anyway, I still didn’t book my train tickets. Allie had a look on the internet the other day and the seats cost about 400 euros each! There’s no way I am going to pay THAT much for a Eurostar ticket! The thing is that we could have travelled by plane but my luggage will be far too heavy and I’ll have to pay extra charges… whereas, if I travel by train I can take as much as I want, there won’t be any problem. So I guess I’ll have to call them to check if there are any cheaper fares… let’s hope so, huh?

What else new…. Erm, yeah… my older sister is organising a party for Allie and I next Saturday with all the people I love! It’s going to be fun… we had one when we last moved to Glasgow and it was amazing! Everybody was there and the fact of seeing them all with me that night really made me feel upset and I just felt like I didn’t want to leave anymore! That’s crazy I know, because I know I’ll always be able to see them but it’s always kind of emotional to say good-bye. I hate good-byes… I always end up crying and I look silly!!!

I think these were the only interesting things I did so far… packing has never been fun, right? Jesus, I hate it…
What’s more, I miss my little guy… I haven’t been able to chat with him regularly since I left work as I do not have the net at home! Plus, I have been feeling scared of what’s happening between us… I mean, I do love him but he is miles away and I fear we’ll never manage to make it! He’s broke and can’t afford to come see me and, I am moving to London and can’t afford a holiday right now either… so what are we supposed to do?
I told him about the way I felt but I am not sure he understood my fear. I promised I’d think about it carefully and that’s what I am going to do… weight the pros and cons and decide whether it is worth a try or not… whether we can be happy this way or not!

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