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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

WAHEYYYYYYYY, YEEEEPEEEEEE, WOOOHOOOO........ the Sack Trick "secret" gig on the 22nd June is confirmed! Am so happy about that. The best is that I had some appointments with letting agents that very same week end so'll I'll go see them live.... hurray ... *dances around the table*.... and Chris' been kind enough to put us on the guestlist (as we are coming from so far away). Only 10 days to go... I can't wait! And Allie booked us in a very posh hotel in Hammersmith cuz she has a 75% discount with her job... swimming pool, jaccuzi...... here I coooooooome !!!! ... *giggles*... erm, am wondering whether Roo's gonna be there ?!?! I hope so... ^__^

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