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Thursday, June 05, 2003

There are days when you don't feel like writting... that's one of these days todae. I just stay here, staring at a blank page without any clue about what I want to write. Usually I am pretty talkative but todae I really am running out of imagination or inspiration.
The thing is that I feel really tired this morning and I am fed up with all those bloody strikes here in Paris. Yesterday I waited for my bus for more than 4 hours. There's no need to tell you that I didn't manage to get to work ... obviously, all transport means in Paris have been on a strike for a whole week! As well as planes, and the post office and schools... everybody's on stike! These fools don't understand that because of their bloody stupid behaviour other people cannot get to work... I can't get to work, and if I don't then I won't get paid... as simple as that! B*****ds !!!

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