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Friday, June 27, 2003

That's it, they are here !

I can' believe they're here already. Damn it !!! I had just started diner when they arrived in the evening and I so much hated the sight of them that I got up, threw out my whole meal and left to bed. Well, obviously I couldn't sleep... 9.00 pm, I can't sleep that early! So well, I kind of pretended I was sleeping so that they leave me in peace, which they didn't as I was expecting it very much! Nan came into my room, without even knocking at the door, carrying some gifts. Huh ... yeah, you 're going to think "how nice of her", right? But nooooo, that isn't nice at all.... she's just trying to be forgiven for all the harm they did to me. And I don't want that. No way !!!!
She started speaking and I was like "yeah, yeah.... thank you! I love it, luvly ... honest", then she left. Got up and threw it all into the bin! I don't want her gifts, I don't want anything from them. Anyway, what the hell am I supposed to do with PJs, huh? I don't wear that... she's been offering me PJs for more than 10 years now and she still didn't get the fact that I sleep naked!
I'm still thinking about a way to ignore them tonight ...... I could pretend I am sick to death and need to go to bed straight away? Mmmfff ... not sure that'll work out !!!


Whatever... called Nando yesterday! No need to say I was really nervous! I kept dialling the number then putting down the phone. I guess it took me almost half an hour to get the courage not to hang up! Silly, silly, silly....
But it was really nice to speak with him on the phone..... t'was weird aswell because I didn't know what to expect!
Will call him again later today I guess... if I don't loose courage again, eh !!!

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