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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Last saturday was my sister's wedding. She looked so beautiful with her wedding dress, a real princess from a faery tale. On friday, I left work at 4.30 pm so that I could go and help everyone to decorate the restaurant. Unfortunately when I got to the bus station I was told there would be no bus 'til the end of the day. Those bloody b*****ds are still on strike. Anyway, so instead of getting there at 5.30 as usually, I got there at 8.30 ... how nice, huh ?!?! Ended up going to bed at 2.00 to wake-up at 7.00 am the next morning! No need to say I was knackered. Anyway, the girls and I went to the hair-dresser and for make-up, then went back home to get dressed.
Whatever, the wedding was really wonderful (and as usually I shed a tear... d'oh !!!) although we had to stand outside for more than 2 hours, without seating, drinking and under a huge sunshine! That was the horrible part because pictures had to be done and there was no chair and nowhere to buy cool drinks. By the end of the photo session we were all melting. Even worse, once we got to the car we couldn't even get inside as the seats were HOT HOT HOT !!!! By the time we got to the restaurant I had come to a point where I could no longer walk, my feet were too painful (yeah, yeah... I know, nobody told me to wear high heels !!!)... so I decided I'd walk bare feet. Result, everybody kept walking on my feet.... argh !!!!
We've eaten a lot, well... they did eat a lot! I was so hot and so thirsty that the only thing I really wanted was drink, which was great actually because there was a loooot of wine !!! By the end of the night every single guy was in a mess, completely drunk and doing stripteases... girls kept giggling all the time, and children screaming non stop !!!! Then the moment came when the bride had to throw her flowers. Tradition says that the one getting it will get married or engaged during the coming year.... and I GOT IT !!!! yeepee, woohooo ...... okae, okae I admit it, I had to fight to have it! But in the end I did, so that's what matters the most.
Perhaps I'll find my charming prince this year ??? To follow.....................

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