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Thursday, June 26, 2003

Last night I dreamt I was expecting a baby. Then I saw her in my arms... she was the most beautiful little thing I had ever, ever seen in my life! And when I woke up in the morning I felt really disappointed when I realised this was just another dream!
Told mom about it .... she looked at me grinning and said: "aw sweetheart, I was wondering when the hell you were going to start thinking about it".... and then added ....... "after all, you're getting old, huh?" ..... nice, very very nice of her to remember me that my internal clock is ticking ....... as if I didn't knew that already! I think she was supposed to tell me there was no hurry (although if she did that I would have given her the bad look ...), that I am still young, blah blah blah ...... not that I am getting old! I know I am getting old ..... THERE'S NO NEED TO TELL ME !!!!!
And in addition to that she said....... "you really gotta find your self a nice chap"... and I was like "mom, c'mon, will you please stop with that? I already told you I didn't want you to mess with my love life, capito? ....... she started grining and said "arghh.... if you take it this way... that's only for your good you know sweetheart?!?" ..... "but really..... find yourself a nice chap" ......... and she left giggling like a child! I really hate when she does that .... why the hell does she always have to be right, huh ? And don't tell me that's because she's my mom and knows whats good for me! Because you see, I am 24 and old enough to know whats good for myself !!!!

Anyway, my gran parents are arriving this evening! I don't want to see them .... so i've been kind of thinking yesterday and found 2 possibilities! I can either go to bed as early as possible so that when they arrive at my place I am already sleeping, or at least pretending... or I can go home really late and perhaps when I get home THEY are sleeping ........ I still have to think about it properly !!!
Damn, I hate them .......

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