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Friday, June 13, 2003

Last day of the week. It’s incredible how time flies by. I Just feel like yesterday was Friday and then suddenly it’s Friday again. The more my departure day approches, the fastest time passes by fast and it really gets me nervous. Not that I am scared of moving to London because I’ve already done that before. A year ago, just a month after finishing school I applied for a job in Scotland and a week after my application I was on my way to Glasgow. But this time it’s pretty different as everything has been planned in advance… but still, I am worried and stressed out. The thing is that I am a pretty adventurous lady so I don’t get why I am feeling this way about my moving… ô__Ô … weird !!! Must be because I’m still applying for jobs and flat hunting is really getting mad. Anyway, am glad it’s Friday again … I want to sleep …. -__- Zzz …..

Yesterday, I was sitting in the tube on my way home when a bunch of tourists sat by my side and started to chat (really loud I must admit !!!). I tried to understand what they were saying and realised they were from Brasil… but even though I can understand a little portuguese t’was pretty difficult to understand what they were saying … honestly, I really should practice or am gonna end up forgetting how to speak the language and nan would definitely kill me !!!! Mom said it wasn’t the fact of me not practicing but bcause they’ve got a singing voice… almost every word is the same (well, I guess…) but they pronounce it differently! That’s why I didn’t get everything… the only thing I am a 100 per cent sure of is that they were speaking about football and Ronaldo and Ronaldinho … t’was fun !!! Why do all brazilian guys speak about football? Is it in their genes? ….. * thinks deeply * …. And erm, why do all guys love football so much? I don’t really mind but I’ve always asked myself the question. Where’s the point in running after a ball? And why do some guys get really mad cuz of footie? … * sights * …. I wonder !!!

Anyway, my collegue from work brought me the CD I asked him to copy. He’s been kind enough to copy every video on their website as well as the videos on Al’s group. I was damn happy to get it cuz I hadn’t seen all the videos. So I hurried home and imagine my disappointment when I found out I could not view it as I didn’t have Quicktime … still don’t so I really do not know how the hell I am gonna manage to view them! Unfair, isn’t it? The thing is that I do not have the internet at home so I can’t download it. I could do it at my aunt’s place but then I would be unable to view it at my own place… * cries * ……any idea people ?!?!

T’was St Valentine’s day in Brasil yesterday… sent my special little guy a postcard to brighten his day and make him smile. I am happy it made his day… cuz if he’s happy then well, I am happy too !!! He’s a very sweet guy… I mean, he’s honest, funny, down-to-earth, shy and loyal … and I guess that’s the most important in a person and a friendship !!!
Today I got the package I had sent, back … the post office guy said he’d sent it back because of the strikes, tobe sure it wouldn’t get lost above the Atlantic ocean. B*****ds, have sent this parcel ages ago and he should have got it… but no, because of these bloody lazy pigs it’s back to my place. Damn, I hope the choccies will be alright … o__O …. I don’t know hen the strikes are going to top, it’s all because of that pension scheme thing… as long as the problem isn’t solved then the strikes will go on !!! I really gotta find a way to send the parcels back ... mfff, I’ll find out a way !!!!

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