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Thursday, June 12, 2003

I've been told I kept speaking about Roo. I don't think that's true... *looks surprised*... honestly, it's not as if I spoke about it all the time, is it? Alright, I did mention him a couple of times here but that's all. But if I do then it's not my fault, it's Sack Trick's fault. After all, each time I listen the album I can't help remembering their live gig in december (which was awesome !!!) and that makes me giggle when I think about his Santa outfit, then I say to my self that underneath, he's a very good looking chap.... awwwww, a'right I've mentioned him a lot. And I'm writing a post just to justify myself about the fact that I do not speak about him, which actually I am doing ... mmffff !!!! The worse is that I do NOT have many good arguments, have I? Note to Marty: sorry hunee, you'll have to excuse me on this one!... *giggles*...
But erm... am I allowed to say he's gorgeous?.....*runs away with fear* ....... okae, okae I shut up, no more Roo talking from now on !!!

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