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Tuesday, June 03, 2003

I can’t believe I haven’t updated my blog for 5 days ….. 5 long days! Mmmffff……. I should be ashamed, really !!! That’s incredible as how fast time passes by, I hardly have time for myself! I hate it when I can’t even relax because there’s so much to be done… result: am all stressed out! Damn, damn, damn …….. anyway, let me tell you what I’ve done during my 5-day weekend.

On Wednesday I was invited over to a mate’s for diner. T’was very cool actually and the meal was delicious … seafood with fries …… yummy !!! Alright, I know I should be sticking to my diet but hey …. That’s very impolite not to eat what you are offered, right ? Okay, okay……. That’s a crap excuse I admit !!!! Anyway, so I was at my mate’s place and I found out she had that high-speed internet dealer AND Kazaa lite… so well, we kind of lost track of time trying to download some music. When we stopped it was half past three … no doubt my eyes were hurting, eh ?!?! What really pisses me off is that it was really slow and in 5 hours I could only get 14 songs… tsss, tsss, tsss !!! Now, have you heard about Def Leppard’s album ‘Slang’? ‘Cuz that’s the album I was trying to download. The thing is that I had it already but somehow I managed to loose it back when I was in Scotland… and I want it baaaaaack! Seems this one is pretty hard to get … * cries * …..

Whatever, on Friday I had a call from an estate agent in London. That felt really good to speak in English again and I was damn amazed at myself for being able to understand everything she say, even though she was speaking really (x10) fast! Apparently she’s got a beautiful (well, that’s what SHE says !!!) 2 double bedroom flat in South Ealing and she’s been kind enough to keep it out of the market until we go and view the flat. Phoned the rail station to know the prices … 89 euros return, that’s alright I guess, could have been worse actually!!! So I booked my Eurostar tickets for the 14th June … which means, I’ll be visiting beautiful London within 2 weeks time ….. yepeeeeeee !!!! Am trying to book some other flat viewings the same day in case I don’t like the one she wants to show us … eh, one can never know !!!

I had my thyroid exams done yesterday! Oh dear, you should have seen me… I thought I was going to have a panic attack. Lucky the doctor was a nice chap… he kept explaining everything to me! So he did another echography and then he grabbed a switch a put it through my throat. That was bloody painful … and it kept bleeding, urghhh !!!!! Back home I couldn’t swallow anything and my throat was sore each time I tried to speak! Apparently there’s nothing to worry about … no cancer! You wouldn’t believe how relieved I feel just now ! When the doctor said that it was as if he was lifting a weight from my shoulders. Well, I still have to go and see my own GP to see what we can do about the cysts but nothing to worry about ! Woohoooo ……….

That’s crazy how I can miss someone after 5 days no-speak! Weird, innit ? The more I chat with that someone, the more I get to know about him and the more I care for him… sometimes I just wish I could go and give him a huge hug! Shame he’s living so far away. That really makes things difficult !!! Sometimes I wonder whether he thinks of me as much as I think of him … I know it’s crazy, don’t need to say it !!!

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