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Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Here I am... back from luvley London! I'll tell you what... have only been back for 24 hours and i'm already missing it like mad!
The week-end was brilliant!
Went to the Sack Trick gig on Sunday... it was really nice although I spent most of my time being sick it the toilets... damn it !!!!
I really, really should stop drinking beer... the thing is, I didn't really drink much, just a couple of pints perhaps a little more, but I was tired and didn't eat anything before drinking so obviously that went straight to my blood! Won't do that next time, you can be sure!
The guys in the band have been pretty cool! As usual, Benny was really funny... Roo was fun AND gorgeous and erm ... shy ?!?
Didn't chat much with Chris though, which is a shame...

On saturday, Allie and I went to Ealing to meet an estate agent. Rippers, that what they are... see, we do not have guarantals so they keep asking us for a 3 month deposit! INSANE... there's no way I am going to pay that much... anyway, I don't have the money to do so !!!!
We very much liked the Ealing area... there was that little park in the middle of the place and everyone was sunbathing because it was so hot outside. We just sat there, ate something and relaxed ..... result, I got sunburnt in my head!

Anyway, too tired to write today.... I still didn't rest properly after my MASSIVE hangover and i am really running out of inspiration todae!
but will be back tomorrow ...... hopefully !!! x__x

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