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Thursday, June 19, 2003

French people are stupid, they really are! They were supposed to be on strike again today so obviously, knowing that I was going to wait hours before catching a bus I took all my time to go to the bus station ...... and what did I find out once on the spot? No strike.... and I was late for work! Damn it !!!
What's more I am very tired this morning! I couldn't manage to find my sleep and at 4.30 am I was still staring at the ceiling. No need to tell you that when I woke up for work at 6.00 am I was exhausted! But well, am in a very good mood so it doesn't really matter... I keep surfing the net. That's what you do when there's nothing interesting to do at the office! And I am waiting for my sweetheart to be on line !!!!

Anyway, this morning I decided I'd wear a dress .... okae, nothing much interesting in this fact, right? But I never wear dresses... I don't like them and feel pretty uncomfortable when I am wearing one !!! Of course I knew I was gonna hate wearing it all day long so I'm also wearing a pair of jeans underneath ... eh, eh !!! Clever me !!!!!!

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