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Friday, June 06, 2003

D-1 ........ wedding day's tomorrow. I'm all stressed out even though I am not the one getting married... weird, huh? I still have so much to do and so little time that it really frustrates me! Days should be longer honestly! The restaurant hasn't been decorated yet so obviously after work I gotta go and do it, plus all my personal stuff and the most important, I have to make my sister relax, which honestly isn't gonna be easy putting into consideration that I am myself all nervous !!! x__x ... I've bought a pair of shoes and it took me ages to find the right pair! Not that I am being picky, not at all... it's just that my dress is white so obviously my shoes got to be the same color... and up to now I couldn't find any pair anywhere! The one I got are luvley but there's one problem though: I can't walk with them ... I look like a drunken girl, damn !!!

Anyway, still strike time over here... I didn't manage to get a bus this morning so I just went and beg my auntie if she could take me to the tube station! Happily she did so, and I think she couldn't have refused as I gave her my saddest look..... yeah, I know, I'm a bit cheeky sometimes !!!!! ^__^ But hey, am a girl..... so I'm all forgiven !!!! (well, I do hope so anyway).

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