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Monday, May 05, 2003

Very relaxing week-end … a 4-day week-end actually, which was great because I’ve been able to rest a little ! Tried to sleep late on Thursday but my internal clock just prevents me from doing so… whys that? I mean, most of me mates manage to sleep ‘til midday or even later and I always wake up before 8 am … that’s really unfair! I want to sleep too …. * cries * …
Anyway, didn’t do anything special. I went to my aunt’s place to use her computer and update my site and work on the new one but I’m a lazy little pig so once I sat down and checked my emails I just didn’t have the courage anymore to do it! Damn … the thing is that it isn’t very andy to do it at another’s person place because I don’t have all my stuff with me and I don’t have music either! And I definitely cannot work without music! Never mind….. on Saturday I went to the nearest shopping mall to make some appointments for a blow-dry and make-up for my sister’s wedding on the 7th June… Allie joined us a couple of hours later and we kept shopping when suddenly she said she wanted to go check the computer’s prices. So we went to that huge superstore and had a look….. actually Allie just wanted to have a look at the prices, nothing else! But as I am a very impatient lady, I decided I wanted to buy it! I am stubborn I know, once I’ve decided something there’s no way I’m gonna change my mind! And I had decided that I wanted to buy that computer … so I just went to the customer’s services desk and asked for a loan! Well, it isn’t a real loan actually, it’s just a method of payment. Instead of paying the computer on the very same day you can pay it 40 days later which is just brilliant as I can save up a bit … clever isn’t it ??? So I was allowed that loan and picked a computer (with flat screen, DVD-rom, CD writer, a printer…). I should have it by next saturday … damn, I’m all excited about it now !!!!

Whatever, went to a mate’s birthday party yesterday. There was that guy called David who kept sticking me … he’s a very nice chap but hum … not really my kind if you know what I mean! And what’s more, for the whole time we were chatting he kept criticizing rock and metal music! How uncool …… I mean, that would have been okae if he didn’t like, I can understand that … but it isn’t very fair to criticize when you don’t even know what you are talking about, right ?!?! I don’t like RAP or R’n’B or Hip Hop but I do not criticize because I don’t know a damn thing about it… it’s just my point of view! Arghh … I hate that kind of people !!!

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